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Sunanda Baidya, MS

Doctoral Course Student,

Division of Signaling in Cancer and Immunology,

Institute for Genetic Medicine,

Hokkaido University, Japan.


Sunanda Baidya has completed her undergraduate and MS courses from University of Chittagong major in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. She has joined at the EuGEF lab in 2014 and was involved in cancer research projects where the pattern of noble and established oncogene and tumor suppressors was investigated in cancer patients. Currently, she is doing her PhD with the prestigious MEXT scholarship in the field of Immunology (particularly, innate immune defense against infection and cancer). In her research project, she is trying to elucidate molecular mechanisms underlying cellular responses to microbial infections, in terms of the function of the sensing molecules in the innate immune system, which may contribute to the identification of possible therapeutic targets.

Sunanda enjoys spending her free time with her son, reading novels, listening music and watching movies.

Selected Publications:





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