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Mohit Majumder, BSc


Research Fellow & MS Student






Mohit Majumder, after obtaining B.Sc. degree from the eminent Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, University of Chittagong is now pursuing his Ms. Thesis work in Eukaryotic Gene Expression & Function (EuGEF) lab. To live up to his dream of becoming a researcher, he started his academic research career in Eukaryotic Gene Expression & Function (EuGEF) lab from March 2019. He is now working diligently under Dr. Muhammad Mosaraf Hossain to unearth the effect of common chemotherapeutic agents on Breast cancer cell lines mainly focusing on Sonic Hedgehog Pathway – one of the most significant signaling pathways linked with cancer progression.

Along with his lab activities, he likes to read fictional stories; travel to the sea-shore & spending leisure time with family & friends. His wish is to serve his nation as best as possible through his effort.

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