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Jannatul Aklima, MS

PhD Student

Mitochondrial biology (Biotechnology & life science)

Tokyo University of Agriculture & Technology, Tokyo-Japan


Ms. Jannatul Aklima completed her B.Sc. and MS degrees from the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh. She has joined at EuGEF from 2016 and was involved in the project targeted to identify novel diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic approaches for cancer patients. Now, she is pursuing her PhD on Mitochondrial biology, Tokyo University of Agriculture & Technology, to understand significance of mitochondrial transient depolarization and its interrelationship with matrix pH and ROS generation, by using isolated single mitochondria. She wants to contribute the society through her research findings in biological sciences. She enjoys her time with family and watching movies.



Selected Publications:


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