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Rekha Akter, BSc

Research Fellow & MS Student




Mis Rekha Akter is currently studying at Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Chittagong to ensure her MSc degree. She received her BSc degree from the same Department in 2019. Because of her great exertion to become an oncologist, she started his research carrier at Laboratory of Eukaryotic Gene Expression and Function, BMB, CU in April 2019, prior to receiving his B.Sc degree. Soon she learned the basic molecular biology techniques and then, she was gradually involved in various cancer related projects by the Lab.

Under the supervision of Dr. MM Hossain, Mis Rekha Akter is very much expectant that she can complete her thesis project in which she is going to reveal the nature of miR-503 expression in patients with progressive breast cancer. She wants to run this project so that she can evaluate the expression pattern of miR-503 in patients with progressive breast cancer and compare the expression pattern in subtypes of breast cancer among the Bangladeshi patients.

In his personal life outside the Lab, she loves travelling with his friends to enjoy the scenic beauty of Mother Nature. She often passes her leisure times by reading books of various categories and watching movies. To realize the hideout of life sciences, she often likes to explore various research articles.

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