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Mr. ABUL HASAN received his BSc and MSc degree from the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh and started his research carrier in January 2016 at Laboratory of Eukaryotic Gene Expression and Function (EuGEF) BMB, CU. He was involved in number of projects. Earlier, He focused on A Cytokine array based interactome analysis for TNBC at SHH background under the supervision of Dr. ASM Noman to identify novel diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic approaches for cancer patients. Beside he was actively involved in epidemiological field investigations on screening cancer and paediatric congenital disease patients with demographic data based on ethnic region in Bangladesh.

He worked as Biochemist at Popular Diagnostic Centre Ltd & Aalok Health Care Ltd in last September 2020.Where he was assigned for different clinical diagnosis through molecular biology techniques, chemistry and immunoassay systems.



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